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Experienced ....

Michele and Drew Delgross, are the owners of Pet State University and  Homestyle Boarding, and have been doing this venture for the past three decades in Northeast Ohio!   Michele & Drew have over 60+ yrs. of combined experience caring for and training a variety of exotic and domestic animals!    And yes, that's both of them riding two killer whales :-)  


Homestyle Boarding....

This is a unique boarding facility - where all the dogs & pets stay right in our home!   We have a large yard they can access all the time, and they get constant attention & playtime with a variety of other animals - 24/7!   We've watched hundreds and hundreds of pets right in our home.........We're your Pet's home away from home :-)           


Pet State University...

Michele  and Drew have taught positive behavior modification techniques throughout Ohio, the Midwest, and on both Coasts!   They have even worked and  consulted in Canada and France using & teaching these techniques.    We teach both the pets, and their owners, on the necessary behaviors to succeed, while minimizing the problem areas!    Plus, we do this in the comforts of your own home - we come to you!  

Past, Present, & Future ....

Started in 1994...

Michele and Drew started Pet State University & Homestyle Boarding because they saw a need for high quality, in-home services for pets while their owners were on vacation.   Since 1994, Michele & Drew have watched hundreds of animals in their home  - and in the process have developed long lasting, repeat customers.  They've even watched, and trained,  their customer's kid's and grandparent's  pets!     

Vast & Far....

People come & go, but we have had a loyal following of customers - some for over 20yrs.!  We've watched their 3rd generation of dogs!     We've continued these relationships, even when  they've moved out of state.     We've watched dogs from nine (9) different States - with the farthest being  one from California!     We actually picked the dog up at the airport, while the customer was still in Cali  - never meeting this dog before!   What an unusual experience, yet, they turned into great boarding customers for years.      

Word of Mouth ....

Our Customers, are also our best advertisement!   We have had entire streets that used us for boarding & training!  Some dogs even got confused when we'd come down their streets for a pick-up......  not knowing who was the lucky pooch going on vacation - LOL.     And without the expenses of "mass marketing", we've kept our prices low, and our quality high!    We've always been your pet's home-away-from-home :-)

Contacting Us.....

Email us at  info@PetStateU.com, or PetStateU@neo.rr.com , or check us out on Facebook!     We're here to help you and your pet's  boarding & training needs!  

Pet State University & Homestyle Boarding

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We can accommodate a variety of drop-off and pick-up times..... just email us in advance!