Dog Boarding & Pet-Sitting

Quality over Quantity

Quality has always been one of our top priorities the past three decades - and we've achieved this goal, to keep us private, small, and focused  on the customer's pets!    Since we only take 4-5 dogs -  we have more individual time to play and care for your pet!    This isn't a facility where your dog spends 23hrs. locked up in a tiny cage and a cement pad .......... this is our home that the dogs get 24/7 access to, which includes a large yard, a pond, lots of trees, other pets, and most of all - they get more human interaction than any standard kennel!        

Outstanding Care

With high quality comes exceptional animal care  - and Michele & Drew provide the utmost in both medical & behavioral attention to your pets! They don't charge extra for shots or  giving pills, and if need be, will make the most unique meals for your  pets.     They have watched numerous deaf, blind, and diabetic dogs over the past three decades!      These pets are treated like one of their family members - since they are staying right in their home, with their family :-)  


We are super flexible when it comes to dropping-off or picking-up your pets!  Contact us by email or thru Facebook to arrange the times!   We do have a "Limo" service, where we can go to your home and pick-up your dog - making your life even simpler!            We also have a Pet-sitting service for your cats, plants, and those non-social dogs.      It's all about teamwork and communication!  Contact us to inquire which programs are best for you and your pet!

Boarding Prices

** All Dogs that stay at Homestyle Boarding must be current on all vaccinations & on flea control. Plus, they must be social and good with other animals & kids. Failure to disclose any obvious issues, up to and including aggression, will result in immediate removal from premises. All Pre-Boarders, more than 6-months out and/or during Holidays, must pre-pay a 1-night, non-refundable deposit. All prices & discounts are subject to change at anytime.

Additional Information

What We Provide...

We have and can provide EVERYTHING for your pet's stay with us!  But, you are more than welcomed to bring whatever you want, to make the dog's transition more comfortable.    The biggest item some customers bring, is their dog's usual food.  This way the animal stays on a consistent diet. But if you want, we do provide food too - your choice.        This is your pet, and we will do our best to follow all of your rules & systems, to keep the transitions as close to "normal" as we can!     If you do bring treats, snacks, etc.... bring a few extras, for the other campers too  :-)  

What We Need from You, the Owners...

To stay at our home, either boarding or daycare,  the Owner's must provide a current vaccination record.   The pets must be up-to-date on Rabies, Parvo, Corona, DHLP, and Bordetella (kennel cough). Plus, all dogs must be on a flea control program to stay in our house.   All pets need to have a current boarding profile filed with us - and all questions answered honestly and all disclaimers & medical releases signed.

Plan Ahead - Reserve NOW!

We cannot stress how important it is to contact us as soon as you know your vacation dates!    We only take 4-5 dogs at a time, and book out far in advance!  Our record for a reservation, is  2.5yrs. from departure!! Yes, over two years out - now that's pre-planning!   And to be booked up 5-6 months out, especially during Holidays, is a common occurrence.   Again, if you know your vacation itinerary - contact us NOW!  

Contact Us Soon .....

We book up fast & far in advance - contact now for a Reservation!

"We are your Pet's home away from home!"

We love watching your pets - Thank you for trusting us :-)

Pet State University & Homestyle Boarding

2120 Summers Ave., Streetsboro, OH 44241

Email is quickest, but you can also leave a message for Drew at 330.842.1473