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Experienced Trainers

Over the past three decades Michele and Drew have trained hundreds of dogs, whales, dolphins, sea lions, otters, and birds of prey (e.g eagles & hawks). Plus, they owned an exotic pet store in Kent, Ohio, and got to care for and handle a large variety of unusual animals!   And between the marine mammal parks, their dog training business, and their pet store, they have done over 200,000 training sessions combined between them!   Plus, they have trained numerous Zoological Keepers & Kennel Associations, and have even consulted w/National Pet Food Manufacturers!    

Proactive & Positive

Michele and Drew's training methods are not magical, nor secretive!    It's basic behavior modification - but where they excel, is how they interpret and teach this information to their students - both human and animal species!   Their system of identification, goal setting, and behavioral completion is the key to their success!  Plus, they have fun teaching it too - and that passion exudes during their lessons!


Real World Solutions

Books, theories, and laboratory settings are great ways to learn about science, medicine, and behavior....... but Michele & Drew's belief is;   "it's not trained, till it can be applied in the Customer's home, repeated consistently, and mastered by everyone in the home -  not just by Michele or Drew!".       If you need help training a new behavior, or eliminating a problem, contact Pet State University immediately! is our email, or find us on Facebook!


Dog Training Pricing

*** All training programs & behaviors must be worked on and reinfoced by the Owners, daily, and outside the classroom settings. It is the Owners responsibility to use the information provided by Pet State University, and to apply it to "real world" settings. Remember: We teach you, and you teach the dog! All Travel Fees occur for each class/lesson. We can always do lessons at Parks, Vet Offices, etc... wherever needed. All pricing & discounts are subject to change.

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Michele & Drew Delgross, Professional Animal Trainers

"even the best dogs started off as a playful puppies that needed training - and the sooner you start, the sooner you'll get your great dog!"