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Michele & Drew both grew up around the water - Michele in San Diego and Drew along Lake Erie. They both were lifeguards & strong swimmers, and both had SCUBA diving ........ so no wonder they both ended up training whales, dolphins, and sea lions at four different marinelife parks!   They each did this for 18yrs., at three Sea Worlds & a SixFlags Park!   They've trained hundreds of animals, to do thousands of amazing behaviors, all the while educating & entertaining over 20 millions guests in live shows!    This doesn't include the numerous TV, Radio, and Media News Outlets they've participated in! 


These acts of "Training and Caring" spilled over into their business  professions too - they have over 25yrs. of combined experience leading & training in the "business world"!    Either as Sales Leaders or Senior Business Managers - their love for teaching & encouraging is seen in their every day actions!  This also influenced their children;   all four of their kids have worked either in Michele/Drew's pet store in Kent, Ohio, or with the animals that stayed in their home!    Even their youngest child, their daughter, started riding horses by the age of 4yrs. old and was jumping & eventing before she was a teenager. We believe this "whole family" system is best for not only our children, but for your pets too :-)



If our kids can train and understand the basics of behavior modification - so can you and your family!    We know it's not easy - but it's based on a positive and proactive approach - that is SIMPPLE to understand!  We use this acronym (SIMPPLE) in our training classes :-)         We hope you contact us, and let us help you and your pet;  either by helping you train them, or letting us have the privilege  to watch them while you are on vacation!


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